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Spirit of Nakoruru

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Тема о Накоруру в третьей игре серии Samurai Spirits 3: Zankuro Musouken


Nakoruru is undisputably the strongest in SS3, she is god! Here are some tactics:

1) Use standing far A and far B to poke. After standing B hits, do a 412+A.

2) After a pull or push grab, do a dashB>412+A combo. In fact, after Nakoruru blocks Galford or Hanzo's "falling from the sky" move, run towards them as they fall and do DashB>412+A

3) In corner, crouching C>236+C can make some characters like Gaira dizzy

4) If you use Slash Nakoruru always do a 63214+B in long distance. The opponent will be stunned, open for a dashB>412+A combo. Or even, after the opponent has been stunned, run near the opponent, AB to go behind him, do a slash and then 63214+B again, will be an infinite.

5) Slash Nakoruru can block on Mamahaha, this is only possible in SS3.

Вы здесь » Spirits Society » The Shrine of Spirits » Spirit of Nakoruru