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About Levels

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I have played this game for many times and has actually trained characters to level 99 (highest possible level) occasionally. Usually every 10 levels has a rank; here are the Japanese names for the ranks and their rough translations:

About Level 1-3: 見習 (trainee)
About Level 5-19: 劍客 (Swordsman (low level))
Level 20-29: 劍士 (Swordsman (mid level))

The above 3 Japanese terms are definitely there but I forgot exactly which levels do they start at and which levels they end at. Maybe there is a 4th rank... I can't remember. But for the below ones I am very sure.

Level 30-39: 無雙 (Peerless)
Level 40-49: 名人 (The Famed)
Level 50-59: 達人 (Expert)
Level 60-69: 劍豪 (Honered Samurai or Swordsman at high level)
Level 70-79: 劍聖 (Sword Saint)
Level 80-89: 劍鬼 (Sword Demon)
Level 90-98: 劍神 (Sword God)
Level 99: 天舞 (Pronounced as Ten-Mai, I don't know what it means but it is something like a heavenly god)


And even at level 99, not all the movelist empty spaces are filled... I played up to level 99 for Genjuro and Nakoruru, both have still one or two empty spaces in their movelists. So it suggests that there isn't so many moves after all.


Well I suggest the translation must be not literal, mybe its some buddhism term. I'll check it later.

Btw I have translations for Nako and Rimu movenames for this game, but Im not sure which name is for which move cause I havent played the game yet


I guarantee that these are not Buddhism terms, they are samurai terms.

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