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Kaillera Servers

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On which kaillera servers are you playing?
I used to play with Wanya and Dimka on Reps but i dont see them there any more.
Is there some russian server you are playing on?

P.S. Feel free to answer me in russian


If you understand russian then whats the point talking in english (there are mainly russians here).
Anyway, our location is Russia/Ukraine so we have better ping in russian, ukrainian and european (mainly german) servers.
I can name such servers as Reps, alz.ath.cx, aep-emu;
specific russian server: pvpgn.emserv.ru:27888 (you can enter this as IP - a main server for russians together with Reps).
Usually when we want to play we can talk it out using chatters - ICQ type (personally I have MSN too but cant say same for others). We agree on server and then play there. ICQ numbers of all playing members are in the player list

Вы здесь » Spirits Society » Netplay Gathering » Kaillera Servers